A database contains information from magazines, newspapers, encyclopedias and reference books. If your teacher asks you not to use the internet, you can still use these databases. Want to know more about databases?

Science Resource Center
In-depth information on wide number of science topics. Includes magazine and newspaper articles.

Animal Diversity Web
Pictures, sounds, and classification information.

An overview of basic chemistry - not just for kids!

The Encyclopedia of Earth
About the earth, its natural environments, and their interactions with society.

How Stuff Works
Cars, electronics, food, bodies, and more.

The Inner Body
Your online guide to human anatomy.

Inventor Archive
An archive of inventors, along with information for inventors of today.

Periodic Table Online
A clickable periodic table. Select an element to find out more.

The Physics Classroom
Tutorials, reviews, and every kind of help for the physics student.

Science Fair Project Guide
Help with every step of your science fair project from the Internet Public Library.

Solar System Tour
A multimedia tour of our solar system.

Volcano World
Current eruptions and many volcano facts, along with great graphics.