Hazardous Winter Weather Alert

Current Conditions
According to weather.com, there will be showers on December 23rd and December 24th, followed by at least a week of sunny weather.
"A fast moving storm system is forecast to sweep across northern and central California on Wednesday, bringing light precipitation to much of the region. While rainfall amounts are forecast to be light, wind speeds are expected to increase in wake of the frontal passage Wednesday afternoon through early Christmas morning.
Along with the breezy and gusty winds, temperatures will also turn much cooler with possible freezing temperatures over inland valleys late in the week

Remember Your Winter Storm Guidelines

  • Encourage your family members and/or employees to listen to the radio, television, or NOAA Weather Radio for weather reports and emergency information http://www.nws.noaa.gov/       
  • Make sure your family and co-workers know what to do when the power goes out, including ensuring that a portable radio and flashlights are on hand with extra batteries (avoid the use of candles-fire hazard)
  • Keep plastic sheeting, heavy duty plastic garbage bags (emergency raincoats), scissors and duct tape on hand to cover broken windows or to seal leaks
  • Maintain at least a three-day supply of food and water for each family member Have first aid supplies and medicines on hand, as well as cash
  • Make sure gas gauge on the family car and work vehicle is at least ¾ full
Emergency plans should also include:
  • The name and phone number out-of-town contacts
  • Safe routes from your home or business to higher ground
  • A place to reunite if you and family members are separated
  • Considerations for family members with access and functional needs
Public Works has placed additional sand bags for citizens and businesses to pick up for free in the parking lot located at 550 North Canal.To report street flooding and/or downed trees please call (650) 877-8550.

To report emergencies, flooding in a business, or downed power lines please call 911.

Please take this as an opportunity for you, your family and co-workers to be prepared and be weather smart!