Fatal Hit And Run - Oyster Point

Most WantedOn 09/16/06 at 2:47 am, the South San Francisco Police Department responded to Oyster Point Blvd. and Eccles Ave. on a report of a male subject in the roadway, the apparent victim of a vehicle/pedestrian accident.

The victim, identified as thirty-five year old Carlos Duran-Valencia was pronounced dead at the scene.

A vehicle body part was located among additional evidence at the scene. The vehicle part was identified as belonging to a '96, '97, or '98 Red Honda Civic; unknown if it is a two or four door; but with a large racing tail fin, described as white with red stripes.

The suspect driver is described as a male of unknown race in his early twenties wearing a white baseball cap over a ponytail of long black hair. The driver was apparently the only occupant of the suspect vehicle. The suspect vehicle apparently sustained drivers side front end damage and damage to the front end.

All persons with information regarding this incident are encouraged to contact the South San Francisco Police Department at (650) 877-8900.