From Hitting the Slopes to Flipping Crepes: The Vision of Amis Creperie and Café

15 11-30 Crepe 4
Mark Kim, a self-proclaimed adrenaline junkie, has taken yearly ski trips to Breckenridge with his wife for ages. But his 2011 trip gave him much more than the typical adrenaline rush; it left him with the brainchild for a business.
15 11-30 Crepe - Not Nutella
Mark adds his locally sourced hazelnut/choco-late/espresso butter to
the crepe. Mouthwatering!

"I’d been planning to open a restaurant for quite some time,” says Mark, now the Owner/Partner of Amis Creperie + Café, which opened Aug. 31. “But I got my inspiration from this little creperie shop in Breckenridge. I had a crepe that I loved there, but when I got back to the Bay Area, I realized I couldn’t find anything close to it."

And it was all “uphill” from there. Here’s what else Mark had to tell us about his café—and a tantalizing look at one of his specialty crepes, the “Not-Nutella.” (Take it from us, it’s a must-have … and you will eat the whole thing!)

What was the planning process like for your café?

It took years. I had another business when I started this one, but no experience opening restaurants.   


What do you find most rewarding about it?

Fostering a sense of community is part of our mission, and I think that’s the most rewarding aspect. With the growth of big corporations and faceless businesses, it’s important to instill a sense of connection. That was a big part of how I grew up (in Fremont, Calif.). 

15 11-30 Crepe
A barista pours the
perfect Americano
Do you find that easy to do in South San Francisco?
Yes, I really like the flavor of the neighborhood; there’s a lot of character here. I’ve been talking to some of the other business owners, and they’re all very engaged. There’s a revival going on in this downtown area.
15 11-30 Crepe 2
Owner/Partner Mark
Kim chats with us while
making his signature
"Not-Nutella" Crepe

Absolutely—that’s great to see. In keeping with that new energy, what is something you want customers to understand about your business?

It’s really important to us that everything is locally sourced and organic if at all possible. For example, our “Not-Nutella” Crepe uses a locally produced espresso, chocolate and hazelnut butter, rather than the traditional overly-thick and too-sweet product. Most people really prefer it.

That also goes along with our mission to stay connected to the community. We want to support more local businesses and keep the money in the community.


What does the future hold for your restaurant?
It’s early, so it’s hard to say. One good thing about us being a small café is that we’re nimble and can change with customer needs quite quickly. For instance, we were getting a lot of requests for ice cream, so that is something we are looking into now.

At the end of our chat with Mark, we ordered the Not-Nutella Crepe and an Americano for lunch (and ate every bite!).


If this photo isn’t enough incentive to give the crepe a try, we don’t know what is. The Americano was also one of the best we’ve ever had, probably because the café uses local coffee from a brewery in San Francisco’s Mission neighborhood.


With the local focus, delicious food and personable staff, Amis doesn’t just live up to its mission of fostering community. It also offers a friendly, authentic vibe perfect for a solo cup of coffee or gathering with your “amis”— French for “friends.”

15 11-30 Crepe 3
Just try to resist this
chocolate-y goodness