Gimbal's Fine Candies

South San Francisco is the place to be, especially if you have a sweet tooth. Many are not aware that a confectionery that has been in business for over 115 years is located in South San Francisco, but many, many more have enjoyed the sweet creations of Gimbal’s Fine Candies.

Gimbal's Fine Candies

Alexander Gimbal founded Gimbal’s Fine Candies in downtown San Francisco in 1898.  The Gimbal’s building was located near the U.S. Customs House and was fortunate to survive the 1906 earthquake unscathed.

As business continued to grow and prosper, in the 1950’s, Gimbal’s made the move to South San Francisco. Nestled against the beautiful San Bruno hills (who could ask for a better backdrop than Sign Hill?), Gimbal’s constructed a state-of-the-art confectionery at 250 Hillside Blvd. The convenient location continues to support their candy business to this day.

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From the very beginning, Gimbal’s Fine Candies has always been passionate about making gourmet treats. Combining a deep seated passion for delicious confections with ever-present resourcefulness, Gimbal’s made history discovering new ways to produce better tasting candy. Alexander and his entrepreneurial brothers perfected several new production techniques, including specialized steam cookers, to preserve the delicious delicate flavors of their confections during the cooking process.

Four generations later, great grandson Lance Gimbal remains committed to the family confectionery. Literally learning the business from the ground up, in his youth, Lance helped out by scraping up candy that became stuck to the factory floor.  Fortunately, Lance passed this initial test with flying colors and gradually was allowed to learn other aspects of running the business.

Throughout the generations, the focused care that is put into making Gimbal’s candies has never wavered.  With growing sales, expanding facilities and new product lines, each generation of the family has preserved the same high standards of excellence that was established when Gimbal’s was founded over century ago. Today, the entire team at Gimbal’s continues in the fun tradition of making candies.  From time-honored favorites to innovative new candies, everything Gimbal’s creates is made with joy and pride.  Each day is filled with testing (and tasting)!

Candies at Annex
Last year, residents and employees celebrated the City’s 107th birthday and rich history with the help of Gimbal’s Gourmet Jelly Beans, one of their best-sellers. Made with real fruit juice and featuring 41 mouth-watering flavors, the production process has been painstakingly fine-tuned over the years. In fact, Gimbal’s makes so many gourmet jelly beans each year that if you placed them down “end-to-end” they would circle around the circumference of the world one time! Nonetheless, there is a real art form to making gourmet jelly beans, and on average, a single gourmet jelly bean still takes 12 days to make. Exhale.

Did you know? While nearly all foods are capable of causing allergic reactions in people with food allergies, there are eight most common allergenic foods.  These eight foods are responsible for over 90% of food allergic reactions, and are sometimes referred to as “major eight” food allergens. These include: peanuts, tree nuts, dairy, eggs, fish, shellfish, fish, and gluten.  Gimbal’s recipes and formulas are free of these “major eight” allergenic ingredients and can be safely enjoyed and shared by many people who live with these allergies.  

“We are truly honored to be a respected corporate citizen and neighbor in our local South San Francisco community,” says Lance Gimbal. “Gimbal’s Fine Candies is committed to providing jobs and supporting the vibrant economy in our community.  We have deep roots here.  South San Francisco is our home.”