Measure W Citizens' Oversight Committee

South San Francisco voters approved Measure W, a half-cent transactions and use tax in November 2015.  As part of the Measure W implementation process, the City appointed members to serve on the Measure W Citizens’ Oversight Committee.  The Oversight Committee reports to the City Council regarding the collection and expenditure of Measure W funds. 

The Measure W Oversight Committee consists of five members appointed by the City Council.  

Citizens' Oversight Committee Meeting Minutes

Meet our Citizens' Oversight Committee:

Mike Brosnan, three-year term, Chair

Michael Mike BrosnanR. Brosnan has been a South San Francisco resident since 1967.  Mike served the citizens of South City as a police officer for more than 28 years, rising to the rank of Deputy Chief.  During the last eight years of his career, Mike participated in the city’s budget preparation process as he was directly responsible for the police department finances.  Mike Brosnan is proud to continue to serve.

Bill Zemke, three-year term- Vice Chair

Bill Zemke
Bill Zemke has lived in South San Francisco since 1976. During this time, Bill has served on the City’s Historic Preservation Commission and the Planning Commission.  Bill is a docent with the South San Francisco Historical Society and volunteer with the City’s Improving Public Places Committee.  Bill is also a licensed Civil Engineer, retired from PG&E with 38 years of experience in project management, administration, and compliance.  

Herman Alcalde, four-year term

Herman Alcalde has been a South San Francisco resident for 50 years. Herman is a retired Principal Engineer from the City and County of San Francisco (CCSF), where he served for 37 years. In addition to managing public works construction projects for CCSF, he reviewed budgets and bond issues.  graduated from the College of San Mateo, (AA in Engineering), University of San Francisco (BA in Business Administration), and San Francisco State University (MBA in Finance) and is a Licensed Civil Engineer in California. 

Luis Alberto De Paz Fernandez, four-year term

Christine Wong- four-year term

Christine WongChristine Wong has been a Certified Public Accountant (CPA) in California since 2002 and has 20 years of working experience in financial management and reporting, budgeting, treasury management, auditing and public meetings. She is currently the Chief Financial Officer at the State Bar of California, a State agency that regulates the legal profession in California.