In 2011, the Oyster Point Specific Plan (OPSP) and related entitlements were approved to allow for the development of 2.25 million square feet of Office/R&D uses across approximately 40 acres in four Phases (ID, IID, IIID, and IVD) and two phases of public infrastructure, recreational, open space and hotel space improvements on another adjacent 40 acres of land (Phases IC and IIC).


The proposed redevelopment in the Oyster Point Specific Plan District is located at the eastern end of Oyster Point Boulevard in South San Francisco. The redevelopment is intended to include:
• A new corporate campus, which will include office/research and development (R&D) buildings, structured parking and accessory uses at the western portions of the site.
• A site to accommodate a future hotel, restaurant and/or retail near the new Ferry Terminal.
• Public open space and Bay Trail improvements.
• Marina and Ferry Terminal serving amenities including parking, shuttle drop off areas, and waterside improvements.

At this time, Oyster Point Development, LLC (the developer) and the City of South San Francisco are implementing Phase ID and IC as a joint construction project. Construction is scheduled to begin Fall 2017 and continue for approximately two years.
Timing of Phases IID, IIID and IVD is to be determined. Planning for Phase IIC will begin in 2017 and timing for Phase IIC construction is to be determined.

For more information about all phases of the project and more specific information about Phase I construction go to www.oysterpointdevelopment.com/infrastructure.

For frequently asked questions go to www.oysterpointdevelopment.com/faq

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