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Asian Alliance Presents: Author Talk with Addie Mattox

"Saigon USA is a novel, but is more true than not. It's about Vietnamese boat people who immigrated to the United States. The story is set in 1990. Callie O'Neil is an English Second Language teacher at night and a middle school English teacher in the day. She inadvertently becomes involved when Tran, the only Vietnamese student in school, is victimized by bullies. Callie's relationship extends to Tran's family, which leads to romance and difficult decisions. Cam, one of the best writers, invites Callie to her family's reunion where multi-generational Vong family members weave a colorful pattern of their Vietnamese pasts and American presents. Some are bitter, some confused, many are hopeful and thriving in their adopted country.

Saigon USA delves into the hearts, hopes, and dreams of a new American family - one whose older generation holds firmly to their Vietnamese roots; a middle generation with one foot in each country; and the youngest who are thoroughly American." - from the publisher, Austin Macauley.

Addie Mattox is a semi-retired business consultant who loves to travel, read, write, play duplicate bridge and teach and play pickleball. She holds a graduate degree in English as a second language from UCLA. She is a native Californian who grew up in Pasadena. She and her husband live in the Bay Area.

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