Draft Maps

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This Interactive Map shows the new proposed district map submissions.  Residents can zoom in or out on map details, change which map is being viewed, overlay maps on street maps or satellite images, and/or search for a specific address.

The initial draft maps are also available below in PDF format, which is suitable for viewing and/or printing. The PDF file contains a map and a demographic profile of the districts in that map.

Election Sequence

The City’s historic Council election cycle has two Councilmembers up for election in 2020 and three in 2022. That cycle will continue with two districts up for election in 2020, and three districts in 2022.

Draft Maps in PDF Format with Demographic Profiles:

Under federal law, districts must contain nearly equal populations. The difference between the largest and smallest district cannot vary by more than 10% of the ideal population size. For a five-district map, each district should therefore have about 12,726 people. The largest district and the smallest district should have no more than a 1,273 people difference.

On June 27th, the City Council introduced an ordinance adopting district-based elections using Map 109. Districts 2 and 4 will have elections in November 2020, and Districts 1, 3, and 5 to have elections in November 2022. On July 11th, the ordinance was adopted. 

Previously Submitted Maps

At the May 23rd public hearing the City Council eliminated the following maps: 115, 111, 113, 103, 112. 

The Council considered the following maps, submitted by the public, at the June 20th public hearing - 

"Focus" maps designated by Council at May23rd public hearing:

  • 101
  • 102(b) Population balanced version of 102
  • 106(b) Population balanced version of 106
  • 109

New submissions received by June 8 deadline:

  • 116
  • 117 
  • 118 
  • s16
  • s27
  • s44
  • Maps submitted by students at El Camino High School as part of Erin Perusse’s American Government class. 

    Three student maps—s16, s27, and s44—will be presented for consideration at the June 20 public hearing because they were the most compact and represented distinctly new ideas that reasonably fit within the map drawing criteria. Most notably, ten of the student maps submissions were similar to focus map 106b, and none of the student maps were similar to focus map 101 or focus map 109. Unfortunately, seven of the student maps were not population balanced.

These maps may also be viewed on the interactive review map.  

Initial maps with five districts that comply with the equal population requirement (comments from the map submitter included):

  • 101
  • 109
  • 111

    Closely balanced 5 district map with a 37 vote differential from the largest to smallest districts.

  • 112

    More compact 5 district map mostly preserving boundaries between historic neighborhoods Westborough Sunshine Gardens Avalon Paradise Valley etc.

  • 113

    Starting with the 5 District equitable population based map, adjusted the lines in Districts 4 and 5 to group Oyster point East of 101 residents with the newer developments around Terra Bay and San Bruno Mountain. Residents of Oyster Point and residents around Downtown may have competing different interests and would each have their own representative on the Council. Homeowners of South Westborough / Westborough Blvd as the dividing line; grouped together with other single family homeowner area Avalon Park due to likelihood of similar interests.

  • 114
  • 115

 Maps submitted with five districts that are close to having equal populations:

  • 102
    • 102(b) A population-balanced version of map 102.
  • 106
    • 106(b) A population-balanced version of map 106

 Maps submitted with five districts that do not comply with federal requirements:

  • 103- Partial map comprised of only one proposed district
  • 104 - Not contiguous
  • 105 - Not population balanced
  • 107 - Not population balanced
  • 108 - Not population balanced
  • 110 - Not population balanced