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Makerspace Volunteer Spotlight

Post Date:11/01/2019 9:05 AM

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Stephanie Goldman

Volunteer Profile Questionnaire

Please tell us about yourself, such as hobbies, occupation, interests, family life, etc.

I am currently pursuing a MLIS degree at San Jose State. When I’m not studying, you likely find me doing one of three hobbies: reading (I love reading but hate the question of my favorite book/author); sewing/crafting (I make a lot of my clothes as well as handbags and other fun things); or doing backyard agility/tricks training with my dog (a three-year-old English Shepherd).

Why did you decide to volunteer at the library? What do you like about volunteering?

I was drawn to volunteer at the SSF library largely due to the large variety of fun and unique programs the library runs, including the makerspace activities. I especially enjoy volunteering with the hands-on programs, where I can use creative thinking to help others learn and explore new creative skills and ways of thinking.


Program information

What are the titles of the programs or outreach sites have you assisted with? Do you have any photos from these programs?

I primarily volunteer in the makerspace, assisting with the Textile Tuesday program. I have also helped with youth STEM events at the library.


Adan Zepeda

Adan is a designer born and raised in the Bay Area. He specializes in Visual/UI Design and his passion for design comes from being able to tell visual stories using design and illustration. His hobbies include attending all kinds of events around the bay area with my family, podcasting, and drawing comics. 

The main reason for Adan joining the South San Francisco Public Library as a volunteer was because of his son. Adan and his family are often at the library as a way to spend quality time in an educational environment together. The library offers so many different cool activities to keep them busy and they're free! Because of this, Adan wanted to find a way to give back, and when he saw volunteering opportunities, he jumped on it.

“I noticed that people were really curious to see us using the machines and were surprised when I told them that they could learn how to use it too and that learning it was easy.” Thank you, Adan, for being an example to curious patrons as well as bringing your son to the fun learning environment of SSFPL’s Makerspace!




Zineb Khadri

Zineb is an architectural designer with a bachelor's degree from Newcastle University in the United Kingdom.  Passionate about design and helping others, she was able to put her creative skills to use while teaching about 3D design at SSFPL’s Makerspace.  Zineb facilitates the use of 3D printers and the OtherMill engraver for patrons, takes part in outreach programs and library events, as well as leads her own 3D modeling workshops on SketchUp. Thank you, Zineb, for bringing designs to life at SSFPL!




Dustin Yu



Dustin Yu

Please tell us about yourself, such as hobbies, occupation, interests, family life, etc.

Hello. My name is Dustin and I enjoy helping out in my community. I have an interest in all things tech including computers, software, games, consumer electornics, and gadgets of all sorts. On my free time and when not staring at a screen, I enjoy outdoor activities like rock climbing and hiking.

Why did you decide to volunteer at the library? What do you like about volunteering?

I decided to volunteer at my local library when I started having a little more spare time and found that I could help kids develop an interest in technology and robotics. It is part of our new world and the internet is here to stay. My favorite about it is watching participants learn about all the possibilities of modern technology while constantly surprising me with their creativity in the various workshops.

What programs or outreach sites have you assisted with?

I assist with the MakerSpace in programs including the Robotics Competition. I also help with various workshops that deal with Snap Circuits, Ozobots, and the Dash Robot.




Lavi Sudharsanam

Lavi Sudharsanam

Please tell us about yourself, such as hobbies, occupation, interests, family life, etc.

I grew up with computers around me thanks to my parents, back when it was uncommon to have one! I've stuck to a world of technology and engineering since then straying once in a while into the world of linguistics or music. I have worked in technology startups in roles spanning solutions engineering, customer success and infrastructure management. I've always been piqued by different walks of life. So, I'm pursuing multiple side-quests surrounding music, woodworking, gardening, electronics (and a couple more).

Why did you decide to volunteer at the library? What do you like about volunteering?

I used to be a resident of South San Francisco. I was looking for ways where I can contribute to the community when I was referred to the library's makerspace. It was truly a happy accident to find an avenue that complemented my skill set so well.  The warmth and the passion exuded by the makerspace staff made me want to spend my free time at the library and help where I could.

What do you like about volunteering?

Volunteering helps me work on something that I am passionate about while I help people in the process.I enjoy breaking down things I learn and making it easy for people to understand. This also helps me get clarity on subject, refines my thought process and sharpens my ideas. I must admit though, I probably end up learning a lot more than I contribute. :)

What programs or outreach sites have you assisted with?

I usually hang out by the Makerspace at the Main Library and help with whatever project needs help. I've helped with Laptop Optimization programs, Ozo bot robot race, mentoring at Snap the Gap program and a few other daily makerspace activities.



Frank Zhao

Frank Zhao joined us here in the Bay Area from Canada four years ago after graduating from University of Waterloo for Electrical Engineering. He is currently employed at Sony PlayStation in Foster City, and his hobbies include making websites, software, electronics, and robots. He also likes to participate in major competitions like the Annual RoboGames and the SpaceX Hyperloop Competition. To say that Frank’s help at the SSFPL Makerspace is amazing would be an understatement.

Frank is an incredible volunteer, with a mission to share his love of electronics with the community. From donating spare parts, to implementing innovative tangle free filament solutions, Frank exceeds the highest expectations. His volunteer time on Saturdays helps deliver excellent service to the community—especially since Saturdays can be very hectic! We look forward to more of his creative problem solving and programming! Thank you, Frank, for all that you do!

Feel free to check out his website at to learn more about all of his hobbies, DIY projects, and some his work at SSFPL:

Promoting STEM Education

Teaching a Robotics Class

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