Mark Addiego

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Mark Addiego  
City Council
Phone: (650) 829-6601


Mark-Addiego-20161Mark Addiego was the youngest person elected to the City Council in South San Francisco during his first term in 1980. He was elected again in 1985 and served two terms as Mayor during his first Council tenure.

After a break from city government, Addiego returned to the City Council in 2005. He was re-elected in 2009, with his current four-year term expiring in 2022. Addiego has a strong commitment to open and accessible local government proceedings.

2020 City Council Committee Assignments:

  • Downtown Subcommittee
  • Finance/Budget/Audit/Investment Subcommittee 
  • Harbor District Liaison Subcommittee
  • Housing Subcommittee
  • Measure W Subcommittee

2020 Regional Assignments:

  • SFO Airport/ANIP
  • Airport Land Use Committee (ALUC) (Alternate)
  • Caltrain Modernization (Alternate)
  • Countywide Oversight Board of the Former Redevelopment Agencies
  • Peninsula Traffic Congestion relief Alliance (Alternate)
  • SFO Airport Community Round Table
  • Bay Conservation & Development Committee (BCDC)

2020 Ad Hoc Committees:

  • Naming Committee
  • Sister City Committee