Healthy Living, Healthy City

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Building A Safer, Healthier Community

Leave the Car, It's Not that Far! Go Walk. Go Bike. Go Healthy.

Quality of life in South San Francisco means staying healthy and protecting our environment. That's why we as a community need to work together to keep our community a Healthy Living, Healthy City! How? One of the ways is to reduce our carbon footprint by leaving the car behind, just one day a week. Your car, fellow drivers, your pocketbook, and the environment will thank you for it!


South City Shuttle

How to get around town? Have you tried the South City Shuttle? It's FREE and has new route times! More route times have been added to more effectively meet your needs. The South City Shuttle provides free service around South San Francisco with stops at local stores, Magnolia Center (houses the Adult Day Care Center), Main Library, Grand Avenue Library, City Hall, and citywide parks. South City Shuttle also provides transit connections with SamTrans and BART. Get the South City Shuttle schedule at Questions? Email or call 1.800.660.4287. Who says nothing is free these days?  


Scoop: Meet Your New Commute

Scoop into sweet savings! Meet your potential new partner in carpooling -- Scoop! No, it's not the nickname of your fave ice cream shop but rather a carpool app that connects fellow drivers who would otherwise drive solo with riders who are traveling to or near the same destination. For more information, please visit the Scoop website.


LimeBike: Urban Bike Sharing

They're lime. They're good for your health. And, no, they're not citrus, but they can be beneficial to your overall wellbeing. What are they? They're the two-wheeled, lime-colored bikes that are sprinkled around town to help get you around town! The City has partnered with the bike-sharing company LimeBike to encourage you, our residents, to ride a bike to your destination, if possible, instead of traveling by car.

This bike-sharing program is dockless, which allows residents to conveniently pick up and drop off these citrus-colored two wheelers almost anywhere as opposed to finding a docking station to return them.

To download the app, please click here.

For more information on LimeBike, please call or text 1.888.546.3345 or email LimeBike -- Your Ride, Anytime.


2017 City of South San Francisco Kids' Poster Contest: Keep South City Clean!

Our community's youth are our future leaders! The City of South San Francisco held a Kids' Poster Contest, where SSFUSD students in grades Kindergarten through Fifth creatively captured their views on how to keep our community a Healthy Living, Healthy City.

kids poster contest 2017 

Student winners of the 2017 City of South San Francisco Kids' Poster Contest: Keep South City Clean! were recognized at a City Council meeting. A round of applause to all of the contest participants and winners!