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Raimi + Associates was selected and approved to be the master consultant for the City's General Plan update.  Six other firms submitted proposals to the City, however the interview panel felt Raimi + Associates was the most qualified and was impressed with the firm’s approach to outreach as well as their creative and holistic thinking. Raimi + Associates is a mission-driven planning, urban design and research firm based in Berkeley. The firm has extensive experience preparing General Plans, Precise and Specific Plans, urban design studies, vision plans, form-based codes, design guidelines and zoning codes and other ordinances. For the General Plan update process, Raimi + Associates has assembled a team that includes Fehr & Peers for traffic, Strategic Economics for economic development, FirstCarbon Solutions for preparation of the EIR and Lisa Wise Consulting for preparation of the Zoning Code update.

The firm has extensive experience preparing General Plans for other communities.  You can find additional information on the firm at:

 Link to City Council staff report with Raimi scope of work available here.

Community Advisory Committee (CAC) Selection Complete

The appointments will be as follows and will provide the City with guidance for the programs and policies adopted to guide the future of South San Francisco development:

Committee Member Category

Resident Representatives

Roderick Bovee (District 1)

Bill Zemke (District 3)

Nicholas Maiden (District 4)

Rehman Baig, Resident (District 3)

Steven Yee (At Large)

Planning Commission Representative (2) + Alternate

JulieAnn Murphy

Sam Shihadeh

Alan Wong (Alternate)

Park & Recreation Commission Representative (1) + Alternate

Kristy Camacho

Betty Battaglia (Alternate)

Business Owner – Large: over 150 employees (2)

Dr. John Skerry, Kaiser Permanente 

Sophie Martin, Genentech

Courthney McCrane, Actelion (Alternate)

Business Owner – Small: fewer than 50 employees (1)

Robert Cavalieri, South City Carwash

School Board Member (1)

Trustee Patricia A. Murray


Upcoming Meeting Agendas

List of GPCAC Meeting Dates for 2019 



Background on the City's General Plan

A General Plan is the local government’s long-term blueprint for the community’s vision of future growth. Each city and county in California must prepare a comprehensive, long term General Plan to guide its future. The General Plan consists of a statement of development policies and includes a map or maps and text setting forth goals and policies.  It is a comprehensive long-term plan for the physical development of the county.  In this sense, it is a "blueprint" for development.

The current General Plan, adopted by the City of South San Francisco in 1999, serves several purposes:

  • Outlines a vision for South San Francisco’s long-range physical and economic development and resource conservation that reflects the aspirations of the community;
  • Provides strategies and specific implementing actions that will allow this vision to be accomplished;
  • Establishes a basis for judging whether specific development proposals and public projects are in harmony with Plan policies and standards;
  • Allows City departments, other public agencies, and private developers to design projects that will enhance the character of the community, preserve and enhance critical environmental resources, and minimize hazards; and
  • Provides the basis for establishing and setting priorities for detailed plans and implementing programs, such as the Zoning Code, the Capital Improvements Program, and specific plans.

The General Plan articulates a vision for the City, but it is not merely a compendium of ideas and wish lists. Plan policies focus on what is concrete and achievable and set forth actions to be undertaken by the City – broad objectives such as “quality of life” and “community character” are meaningful only if translated into actions that are tangible and can be implemented. Because of legal requirements that a variety of City actions be consistent with the General Plan, regular on-going use of the Plan is essential. The Plan is both general and long-range; there will be circumstances and instances when detailed studies are necessary before Plan policies can be implemented. Over time Plans are updated; It is quite common for municipalities to update their Plans to adjust to regional demands and market forces between real estate cycles, as well as a community’s specific desires and goals that may get reprioritized.   


1999 General Plan Chapters

*Please note, amendments have not been incorporated into the Chapters above. For any special inquiries, please email the Planning Division directly at