Application Process

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Application Process for a Cannabis Operation

Anyone interested in operating a cannabis business should first review the following:

  1. Zoning Map indicating locations where Cannabis operation is Conditionally Permitted:


  2. Operator’s Permit Application – Finance Department
  3. Conditional Use Permit Application – Planning Division


After reviewing the above information, the applicant shall submit the following:


  1. Application to the Finance Department for an Operator Permit pursuant to Section 20.410.009 of the Zoning Ordinance.


    The purpose of requiring an initial application for a regulatory permit is to ensure an applicant is qualified under the City’s standards to obtain an operator permit, including meeting all requirements related to prior criminal convictions and preliminary authorization from a property owner to pursue City approvals for a cannabis operation at a qualifying location. If the application meets the minimum qualifications and satisfies the application requirements outlined in Section 20.410.009(E) of the Zoning Ordinance, then the application obtains “pre-clearance” and will be authorized to submit a Conditional Use Permit application to the Planning Division.  If an applicant satisfies all necessary conditions and successfully obtains a Conditional Use Permit from the Planning Commission, the City will issue the applicant an Operator Permit. All commercial cannabis businesses must obtain and maintain both a Conditional Use Permit and an Operator Permit in order to commence and continue operations. The approval for an Operator Permit is valid for one (1) year and the approval of a Conditional Use Permits is valid for five (5) years. In the event that a business fails to comply with the requirements of SSFMC 20.410, Operator Permits may be subject to suspension and/or revocation procedures conducted by the Chief Planner.. Potential causes for initiation of a revocation procedure could include, but not be limited to, the following:


    • Failure to maintain a valid Operator Permit
    • Failure to comply with any condition of operation or condition of approval
    • Causing a public nuisance


  2. Application to the Planning Division for a Conditional Use Permit pursuant to Section 20.490.004 of the Zoning Ordinance.


The Conditional Use Permit is a discretionary approval to operate the commercial cannabis use at a particular location. The Planning Commission’s review of a Conditional Use Permit application will be guided by the findings in Chapter 20.490 of the Zoning Ordinance. The decision of the Planning Commission on the Conditional Use Permit application is appealable to the City Council, as is the case with all Conditional Use Permit decisions.


Applications for operation of a cannabis business will not be accepted before May 15, 2018. 


Please note that Requirement #10 of the Operator’s Permit Application is that the Applicant must provide notice to properties and property owners within 300 feet of the boundaries of the property upon which the commercial cannabis business is proposed at least 15 days prior to submission of an application for a permit and must include proof of such notice with the operator permit application. 




Operators Permit Application