Cannabis Land Use Regulations

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Cannabis Land Use Regulations in the City of South San Francisco

The City has determined that the following cannabis uses are prohibited or allowed with discretionary approval, consistent with state laws and local regulatory power.


These cannabis uses are PROHIBITED, citywide:

  • Outdoor Personal or Commercial Cultivation;

  • Commercial Cannabis Microbusiness;

  • Cannabis Retail business; and

  • Medical Cannabis dispensary.


These cannabis uses/licenses are ALLOWED:


The permitted uses, excluding Indoor Personal Cultivation, shall only be located in the following zoning districts, east of US-101. Not all uses are permitted in each of these zoning districts so please verify with land use maps above:

  • Business Commercial Zoning District (BC);

  • Business Technology Park Zoning District (BTP);

  • Bay West Cove Specific Plan District (BWCSPD);

  • Gateway Specific Plan District (GSPD);

  • Mixed Industrial Zoning District (MI); and

  • Oyster Point Specific Plan District (OPSD).


The following performance standards will apply to all cannabis operations:

  1. Conditional Use Permit application and approval by the Planning Commission;

  2. Locational requirements:

    1. Sites must be located in the approved zoning districts; and

    2. Sites must be located a minimum of 600 feet from residential uses, schools, day care centers and youth centers;

  3. Operator’s Permit approval as set forth in Section 20.410.009 of the Zoning Ordinance;

  4. Operational Requirements, which vary by type of business but will typically require:

    1. Compliance with State Law;

    2. Visibility limitations;

    3. Odor Control;

    4. Volatile solvent control system;

    5. On-site Quality Control personnel;

    6. Security and Fire Safety Plan; and

    7. Operating Agreement with the City of South San Francisco.

  5. Security Requirements as set forth in Section 20.410.010 of the Zoning Ordinance