STEM Kits & Wearables

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STEM Kits for Infants through Preschool Children

The STEM Kits were developed for parents and caregivers to explore STEM concepts with young children through play. This early literacy initiative is to encourage adults to "unplug" from their digital device and expose young children to Science, Technology, Engineering and Math in an easy to understand way. 

There are currently sixty STEM kits available for check-out with more being developed to be added in the future. Each kit will have 3-5 theme-based toys and 3 books. Families may borrow and return kits at one of the South San Francisco Libraries.

Wearables for Child Development

The research is clear: children learn language based on how much their parents talk to them. Help reach your goals with The Starling! This device that tracks, assesses, and provides feedback on three core areas of child development: engagement, reading, and motion. Clip the Starling to your child and get real-time insights into their whole day. See metrics on verbal engagement, motion, noise, and even sunlight exposure. Please ask library staff for more details or take home the Starling today!