Anonymous Tip Line

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Anonymous TipAnonymous Tip Line: (650) 952-2244

If a crime or other suspicious activity is happening right now, do not call this number. Call 9-1-1 or (650) 877-8900.

You can remain anonymous if you wish. This number is NOT for reporting any "in-progress" crimes or suspicious activities. This number does not connect to police dispatch and is solely intended to assist those persons who have information to give to the police department.

The South San Francisco Police Department depends on your help to prevent crime and inform us of any criminal or suspicious behavior. You may have seen something or know something that solves a major crime, saves someone's life or makes your neighborhood a better place for everyone. We can help, be we need a place to start. You can call our anonymous TIP line at (650) 952-2244.

This line has been established to encourage citizens to report crimes anonymously when they would have previously felt uncomfortable reporting directly to the Police Department, knowing their identity would be known. The South San Francisco Police Department hopes that crimes will be reported anonymously rather than not being reported at all. The calls will be routed directly to a voice mail system so there is no need to speak with anyone answering the phone. The tip line is secure and your anonymous status will be respected at all times, unless you request to be contacted.

No information you can provide is too small or insignificant. Please describe the location of the incident, crime or drug activity and any details you can provide regarding the persons and the circumstances. We will follow up on ALL tips you provide. The system is completely confidential and no one will contact you or know who you are unless you request contact by a Detective in the Criminal Investigations Bureau.

Providing your name and phone number is optional, but very helpful. If we have questions about anything, we may want to contact you later by phone, e-mail or by any method you choose.

Thank you for your help and for helping others.