Megan's Law

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In 1996, California enacted Megan's Law to provide the public with photographs and descriptive information on high-risk and serious sex offenders residing in California. Information on the Other Sex Offender Category is not for public access. Currently the only way to access this specific information is through the San Mateo County Sheriff's Office. Below is the definition of the three categories:

  • High-risk Sex Offenders have been convicted of multiple violent crimes. Information regarding high-risk sex offenders is subject to public disclosure.
  • Serious Sex Offenders have been convicted of such felonies as rape; assault with intent to commit rape, oral copulation or sodomy; oral copulation or sodomy with a minor or by force or penetration with a foreign object; misdemeanor or felony child molestation.
  • Other Sex Offenders have been convicted of pornography, exhibitionism, spousal rape, incest, and misdemeanor sexual battery or adjudicated in juvenile court.

To obtain more information on the serious offenders you will have to contact the Sheriff's Department in Redwood City were you can have computer access to get specific information on registered sex offenders. The same access may also be obtained at the Sexual Assault Felony Enforcement (SAFE) Task Force located to the rear of the courthouse on Mission Road in South San Francisco, to make an appointment call (650) 877-7067.

On January 1, 2005 the department of justice began their Megan's Law website, which allows anyone to look up sex offenders. This site provides the address and a photo of the individual. You can quire under a zip code, name or address. However, the state has a different classification for posting offenders on the site and not all registered sex offenders are listed on the Megan's Law site. Therefore, you may notice a location on our map and not be able to find that location on the Megan's Law site.

In order to continue to inform the public we will continue to update our site, which will contains all the registered sex offender in our city. The address for the Megan's Law site is

NOTE: The Department of Justice is adding a new feature to the Megan's Law Internet Web Site. This feature will allow the public to report information about registered sex offenders directly to DOJ, which will be then forwarded to the appropriate local law enforcement agency. This feature will help improve the accuracy of the data that is currently displayed on the Web Site and help locate sex offenders who are in violation of their registration requirements. A red telephone icon will be prominently displayed throughout the Megan's Law Internet Web Site. When a user clicks on the telephone icon they will be instructed to open a registered sex offender's profile and click on the "Report Information to DOJ" button.