Solicitor - Peddler Permit

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  1. Complete the South San Francisco Police Department Peddler / Solicitor Permit application
  2. Complete a Request for Live Scan Service application
  3. Bring the receipt of deposit of fees and the completed applications to the South San Francisco Police Department with valid government issued identification
  4. Make an appointment with the Police Department to have your Live Scan fingerprints completed
  5. Complete the Medical Certificate form
  6. Go to a licensed physician and have a medical exam and provide the physician with the medical certificate and the instructions form
  7. You will be notified by the Community Relations Sergeant when the forms have been received by the Police Department and your permit is ready  
  8.  Obtain an application for a South San Francisco business license from the Finance Department located at 400 Grand Avenue South San Francisco, CA 94080
  9. Deposit all applicable taxes and fees related to the permit with the City of South San Francisco Finance Department, refer to SSFMC 6.16.110(c)


All Peddlers/Solicitors require an active Business License.  Check here for Business License