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Six Helpful Tips to Prepare for Winter Storms

1. STAY INFORMED! San Mateo County Alert System: SMC Alert. Go to and sign up to receive alerts on your cell phone and email. You will be notified quickly of tsunamis, floods, fires, road closures, etc. 

2. HOME/YARD MAINTENANCE. Inspect yard area(s) for dead trees or dead limbs and remove other objects that could be blown by storm winds, which could cause power outages. Contact Public Works with questions or concerns (650) 877-8550 or Consider using sand bags in areas known for flooding around your property. Residents can receive up to 10 sand bags courtesy of Public Works (visit 550 N. Canal Street). 

3. SEWERS AND GUTTERS. Rainwater often assists trash with clogging drains and flooding. Make sure all drains and gutters on your property are cleared of debris BEFORE the storm season. Also, inspect nearby City storm drains; if storm drain are obstructed, notify us. 

4. ROOF. Schedule a roof inspection sooner rather than later to check for potential issues like loose tiles, holes, etc. to avoid potential flooding and/or water damage. 

5. INSURANCE/ DOCUMENTS. Check insurance policies for adequate coverage. Most policies do not cover damage due to flooding. Plan ahead; there is typically a 30 day waiting period before policies go into effect. Make copies of all important documents; make sure originals are stored safely somewhere outside of your home (like a safe deposit box). 

6. KNOW YOUR ZONE. Are you in a flood zone? Visit: to find your official flood map and to learn about flood risks and preparedness. The City's Engineering Division can assist with flood zone questions (650) 829-6652. 

Questions? Contact or call (650) 877-8550

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