Dig Once Policy

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The Public Works Department is now implementing a Dig Once Policy in an effort to reduce the impact of Telecommunications construction in the City’s Public Right-of-Way. The Dig Once policy is created to provide a standardized City procedure to coordinate the installation of third party Telecommunications Facilities when certain types of projects meet the triggers that are described in the City Ordinance.   

A link to the adopted Dig Once Ordinance, and a summary of the Open Trench Notification Policy can be found here on the City Website. 

In order to reach out to Third Party Telecommunications Companies when projects arise, the Public Works Department desires to maintain a current list of telecommunications/broadband companies (Telecom List) that have a history of installing telecommunications infrastructure in the Public right-of-way, or has the potential for doing so in the future. The Public Works Department will add or delete parties from the Telecom List upon request or based on independently acquired information. The Telecom List will also include staff designated by the City’s Information Technology Department.

If you are a Telecommunications firm that desires to be included on the City’s Telecom List, please fill out the Broadband Open Trench Notification Form and include the Company Name, CPUC Utility Number, Contact Person, Email Address, and phone number.   

Current Notices to Telecommunications Service Providers for on-going Telecommunications Projects within the City can be found here.