Sunshine Gardens Safety and Connectivity Improvement Project

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The City of South San Francisco is currently embarking on the Sunshine Gardens Safety and Connectivity Improvement Project, which is part of a grant from the San Mateo County Transportation Authority. As part of this project, the City is installing traffic safety measures for pedestrians and bicyclists to promote safer commuting experiences within the community. The current scope of work includes:

  • Edgeline striping to narrow the travel lanes for vehicles, thereby inducing drivers to lower their speeds.
    • Holly Ave between Mission Rd and Hillside Blvd
    •  Evergreen Dr between Baywood Ave and Crestwood Dr
    •  Crestwood Dr between Evergreen Dr and Holly Ave
  • Shared-lane markings, or “sharrows,” are road markings used to indicate a shared lane environment for bicycles and automobiles.
    • Holly Ave between Mission Rd and Hillside Blvd
    •  Miller Ave between Evergreen Dr and Holly Ave
  • High visibility ladder crosswalks and STOP pavement marking to increase the visibility of pedestrian crossing paths.
    • Sunnyside & Holly (1 crosswalk),
    • Holly & Miller (4 crosswalks),
    • Holly & Crestwood (4 crosswalks),
    • Baywood & Evergreen (2 crosswalks),
    • Miller & Evergreen (2 crosswalks),
    • Miller & Ferndale (4 crosswalks),
    • Miller & Gardenside (4 crosswalks),
    • Miller & Oakcrest (2 crosswalks),
    • Miller & Westview (2 crosswalks),
    • Crestwood & Evergreen (4 crosswalks),
    • Crestwood & Ferndale (4 crosswalks),
    • Crestwood & Gardenside (4 crosswalks)
  • ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) curb ramps.
    •  Villa & Holly
    •  Baywood & Evergreen
    •  Miller & Evergreen
    •  Ferndale & Crestwood
  • Bulb-out ADA Curb ramps, which are also known as curb extensions, extend the sidewalk or curb line out into the parking lane, which reduces the street width to enhance pedestrian safety by increasing pedestrian visibility.
    • Ferndale & Miller
    •  Oakcrest & Miller
    •  Westview & Miller
    •  Crestwood & Evergreen
  • Raised curb islands, which are used as traffic calming features to briefly narrow the roadway, either in mid-block locations, or to create gateways at entrances to residential streets.
    • Holly & Miller
    •  Holly & Crestwood
    •  Gardenside & Miller
    •  Gardenside & Crestwood

A copy of the construction plans are available upon request. Contact