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Located on the western shore of the San Francisco Bay, in northern San Mateo County, adjacent to San Francisco International Airport, South San Francisco has grown to become a hub for biotechnology.

The city’s central location provides several advantages such as access to Stanford University, UC San Francisco, and UC Berkeley, as well as being in close proximity to a sophisticated group of Bay Area venture capitalists.


The College of Business at San Francisco State University, in partnership with the City of South San Francisco and the California Life Sciences Association (CLSA), is launching its MBA program for Biotech professionals in South San Francisco. 

Classes begin fall 2018 and will take place in the City Hall Building (400 Grand Avenue) in downtown South San Francisco two nights per week. Basic information about this program is available on SFSU's website.


Here you’ll connect with the area’s highly skilled workforce and unparalleled intellectual capital. With more than 62,000 people employed in various companies and academia, there are currently more than 14,000 men and women working for bioscience in over 100 different companies here in South San Francisco. According to the California Healthcare Institute (CHI), the Bay Area retains the highest concentration of biotech employees in the state.

For a list of the biotechnology companies in South San Francisco – see the attached PDF

Biotech Lives Here SSF City Brochure – see the attached PDF


South San Francisco is a leader in transportation options with ample highways, railways, ocean cargo links and not one, but three international airports. The City of South San Francisco has also invested over 250 million dollars to build public improvements, free shuttle service, expanded SamTrans routes and partnerships with rideshare and bike rental programs. The City is also embarking on an expanded CalTrain Station. These improvements will benefit both the business climate and quality of life for all residents and employees.


Three decades ago, industry leader Genentech began operations in South San Francisco with 2,000 square feet and four employees. Today, South San Francisco has nearly 15 R&D campuses and over 8.5 million square feet of laboratory, office and manufacturing space already in operation. And it is growing.

South San Francisco has approved additional three million square feet of life science related development that will be built in the next ten years. There is room to grow here. With a stellar track record in helping companies move from trial-and-error to focused phase, we welcome start-ups.

The City of South San Francisco has invested over 250 million dollars to build public improvements that improve both the business climate and quality of life for all residents and employees. Most recent projects include a new water control quality control plant, overpass and fly over at Oyster Point, sewer system improvements, and a BART/SFO extension to link commuters.